Ukrainian President Zelensky and The Accidental President

How are these two different and promises made and kept.

Ukrainian Truck Courtesy Billgreen54

The differences between the way two presidents were elected will go down in the history books for sure! President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and the current American president are not anything alike. President Zelensky won by a landslide with seventy three percent of Ukrainian voters electing him.

The current president of the United States actually lost the popular vote by three million. Shocking that anyone could win a race even though he actually lost based on the outdated electoral college and not the ballot box. Looks like it’s time to change that.

President Zelensky made just three promises if elected. Peace in the east, fight corruption and improve the well being of all Ukrainians.

Just three. Why do so many president wanna-be’s make promises by the hundreds? Ever wondered about that? The current president of The United States known as the accidental president, promised to build walls, destroy the healthcare system and drain the swamp plus another hundred or so.

In just his first year, President Zelensky has worked hard to find compromise and common ground for the conflict in eastern Ukraine. While the situation in the east of Ukraine is terrible to say the least, President Zelensky has been able to make progress.

The Minsk talks are now much more active and productive than they were in 2017 through early 2019.

Doing something is certainly better than nothing. He continues to search for a resolution to the conflict and illegal Russian occupation.

Corruption has been a way of life for many Ukrainians. An unfortunate side effect gifted by the former U.S.S.R. President Zelensky has kept his promise in his first year as president by initiating reforms that have shown positive results. Only time will tell if he is successful.

As for improving the lives of Ukrainians, that too has been a serious challenge. President Zelensky is not Superman. However, he has so far shown that he is immune to kryptonite and continues to make fundamental changes to the outdated Ukrainian system.

None of these efforts have gone unnoticed by International agencies that also support the changes made and those in progress.

On the other hand, after nearly four years, the accidental president known as the “Stable Genius,” has failed on all points. No wall. No new health care. The swamp is bigger than ever. Can you see where I am going with this?

Clearly, there are two main differences between these two individuals. One builds while the other destroys.

It takes intelligence to build and solve problems. It takes extraordinary will power to see a vision and follow through with it. To fail and accomplish nothing, takes no intelligence at all.

Wherever you live, whatever country you come from, you really have to ask yourself one simple question. “Is the country better off today compared to the day the current president accepted responsibility to follow through with his promises.”

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