President Volodymyr Zelensky President of Ukraine and The Corona Virus

Trust in government, honesty and respect as the messenger.

President Volodymyr Zelensky President of Ukraine

Yes, the Corona virus in Ukraine is real too. But, can we trust the government of Ukraine to tell the truth about what’s actually happening? Does this terrible virus affect Ukrainians like Americans? What can we learn from it? Do you trust your government when it comes to your health and warnings about disease and vaccines?

Who’s your president and can he or she be trusted?

Let’s take the issue of trust first. Just like all relationships, trust is always at the core of what’s expected from government. Facts about everything from how to protect ourselves and others should be of first concern. How does your government inform you about health safety and protective measures?

Play it Safe. Covid-19 is Real!

The Last Dance. A public service announcement Courtesy Billgreen54

Prominent figures in government must offer advice and guidance based on science first. Medical advice of any type can be harmful if not driven by science. But before science can be believed by citizens, government agencies and officials must have earned that trust.

An untrusted leader can erode the trust in government agencies by fabricating statements made to the public.

Ukraine’s government is not unlike America’s when it comes to trust. All countries on planet earth rely on one leader to send the right message. In Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, the current president, is trusted and respected by many.

Winning the presidential election by a landslide victory showed me just how much the average Ukrainian wanted change. Reform at the highest levels of government is always a topic for discussion no matter who you are talking to in Ukraine.

I can tell you that President Zelensky has earned the trust and respect of most who voted for him and many who did not.

As an American, President Zelensky has earned my trust as well. I have watched him speak a number of times. My wife helps with translation, but I need to tell you, his tone is always professional and presidential. He is a true patriot that knows he must continue to earn the trust of his nation with every word spoken.

He knows he was elected by Ukrainians with hope for their future and faith in someone new. Ukrainians are incredibly hungry for truth and honesty. President Zelensky has repeatedly demonstrated that he truly cares about Ukraine and it’s citizens.

Over the past eight months since the beginning of the virus outbreak, I’ve witnessed something special about Ukrainians. They take personal responsibility seriously. They care about others with respect to how they conduct themselves.

I’ve witnessed many Ukrainians follow the advice of the government during the Covid-19 health care crisis. Listening to the advice of community leaders is critical at a time of crisis. Average Ukrainians as a society are united when it comes to how to respond to Covid-19.

Ukrainians are no different than Americans when it comes to having a government who can be trusted.

If a government official is trusted, the citizens will do the right thing. Hard working Ukrainians need a job to take care of family both young and old. The businesses in Ukraine have somehow weathered the virus storm over the past eight months. Do you know how? The answer is simple. Ukrainians are incredibly resilient! They are always being challenged when it comes to finances, jobs, business and everyday life.

Life in Ukraine is filled with expected ups and downs. Ukrainians are used to disasters and everything that follows. History provides a path to an expected outcome for all citizens of Ukraine.

For me, listening to hundreds of stories from the past has shown me another way of life full of love and family. As a society, Ukrainians have heart and soul like no other.

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