Jobs Overseas. Here’s How To Find One!

Yes! There are simple ways to find a great job!

Job Search Overseas courtesy Billgreen54

It’s estimated that close to nine million Americans work in other countries. Why is that? Well, there are quite a few reasons. The term for those people would be American Diaspora or overseas Americans.

Many naturalized Americans want to return to their home country for economic or family reasons.

No matter what the reason, there are quite a few benefits to living in another country besides the U.S. Adding employment overseas to a resume could be a bonus for the right opportunity back in America. Finding a job in another country in difficult financial times might be a great way to survive an economic downturn.

I have lived in Ukraine for the past fourteen years. You would be surprised at how many foreigners we have met. These are people from around the world that have come here for a number of reasons.

If you have ever given thought to living in another country besides your own, there are a few things you might consider doing beforehand. When you have an opportunity or a little bit of curiosity about a specific country or two, go there and stay a while.

It might be everything you expected. At the very least, you will discover more about another way of life. Before buying that ticket, do the research online. Find out as much as possible about the country.

Have fun with Bill and Larisa!

Do you need a visa? How long can you stay without one? What are the requirements for entry into that country? In other words, does that country require you to have a return trip ticket before entry? Customs might ask you about your hotel or place of stay.

Are you bringing gifts or a large amount of cash? Find out what the fee or tax would be. Most countries will allow you to enter with a maximum amount of cash. You must declare that amount upon entry. Have you contacted your bank and credit card companies to inform them that you will be in another country? What country and how long is your stay?

Half the time when a foreigner visits Ukraine, their bank cards don’t work. This can happen in any country.

So, how to start searching for a job in another country? Consider the company you are working for. Do they have operations in other countries? If they do, get your name on the list for the next opening with your qualifications. Pay close attention to the company’s requirements.

Often, you must have a basic level of the foreign countries language. Are there other job skills you must have to be considered for the job? Start planning and prepare for the opportunity when it comes up.

Another sound idea is to ask friends and colleagues if they know someone who works overseas. If so, contact them and tell them what you are searching for. Social and employment sites are another great way to interact with companies.

I have over two thousand connections at Linkedin. I receive job offers just about everyday although I am not searching. In today’s world, anyone thinking about employment in another country needs a social profile. There are many sites out there.

There are countless headhunters that use websites to connect employers with prospects. Be ready for background checks and verification of facts you submit with your CV.

Get on the Internet and do a search for the type of employment you are seeking. In other words, look for companies in the country you are considering for that opportunity. Start by sending out a simple email asking for the right person to contact if you can’t find it on the website. Of course, contacting Human Resources is your goal. Simply tell them that you are considering employment opportunities in their country. When you find a company that seems serious, now it’s time for you to ask a few questions.

Most of the time, as an American, a company in a foreign land will look at you like a limited commodity. That often makes you a sought after prospect. Make sure you ask the right questions. Often this is done online with a video conference. What are the benefits? Are there any perks? Is there an official employment contract? What is the starting salary?

What about visa requirements? Does the company pay for travel? You would be surprised at the companies that will not pay for travel until they have met you. I hope you found inspiration and helpful information. Good luck with your life adventure.

Expats know the value of living in another country other than the United States. Bill and Larisa Green share valuable insights along with the benefits!

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