Are You Living Beyond Your Means? Try This…

The difference between want and need…

Alternate to driving your car! Courtesy Billgreen54

Let’s face it, most of us live way beyond our means. We could say, it’s not our fault. We have society to blame. Keeping up with the Joneses is something I was taught by mom and dad. But, is it really true? Can we blame our faults on any of these things? No! That is the short answer. As adults, we can blame ourselves. As grown-ups, we make our own decisions. As an educated person, we should know the ins and outs of financial responsibility.

Your life stage also impacts what you actually need. But, do we practice what we think is the right path to financial independence? Most Americans don’t. It’s time for change. Time to change the way we were taught since birth. Time to make decisions that really count.

Most Americans never travel outside the United States. They think there is security and wellness close to home. I thought the same way for the first fifty four years of my life.

California had been my home since birth. Being in the confines of a state I love was just natural for me.

Of course, California was a part of me for many reasons. Family, property, work, nature. Just a few of the attachments I had to my home state. Since relocating to Ukraine nearly fourteen years ago, life as I knew it started over in many ways.

In the years before making the switch to another country, I came to realize many things about things. Yes! Things! You know? All the things that seem important to you. Cars, properties and lot’s of stuff. Think about two simple words. “Want and need!”

Do you want or just desire it or is it something that is really needed for a purpose.

I’m not too sure most people really think about the difference between those two words. When you move to another country, believe me, you learn the difference real quick!

I haven’t owned a vehicle for the past fourteen years. Not because we can’t afford it. Can you imagine the money we have saved? California is not known for its public transportation.

If you live just about anywhere in my home state, you need a vehicle to get things done.

Of course, one of the main reasons we need a car is to get to work. Without that, you wouldn’t have money for that vehicle. Are you retired? Do you work from home? Do you live in a big city? Have the kids all grown up and moved out? Do you really need the expense of a vehicle? I have to tell you that not owning a vehicle has been totally liberating. Exercise is another reason to rethink how you get around. If you live close to a store. Why drive? Get some fitness and take a brisk walk when possible.

If you are thinking of living in another country other than the U.S., ditch the auto for public transportation. Save thousands and don’t worry about the Joneses. Most Ukrainians don’t own a vehicle. Public transportation is alive and well in Ukraine as it is in many other countries.

In the city where we live, a bus ride across town will set you back a whole twenty five cents.

Buses run twenty four hours a day. Between the hours of midnight and six a.m., a bus ride will cost you double. That’s something close to fifty cents. Crazy! Right? By the way, I do have a current drivers license. It expires in thirty years. No need to go to the D.M.V. until then.

We travel locally and across the country of Ukraine using buses, trains and taxis. Depending on the need, we walk to the food store almost every day. When we need to shop for something big, we call a taxi or sometimes a truck. Inexpensive and extremely efficient.

Need to have a new fridge delivered? Just ask the store to bring it to your doorstep. The last big thing we purchased was a mattress. That too was delivered and carried right into our flat. The cost for delivery was just a few bucks.

Are there other ways you can put more cash in the bank every month? Maybe get some exercise? Do you know the difference between want and need? Living in another country will make you think differently for sure.

Expats know the value of living in another country other than the United States. Bill and Larisa Green share valuable insights along with the benefits!

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